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Be aware of your language: no profanity; do not speak negatively about others; use proper respect at all times, etc.
Be humble and do not show arrogance, anger, or frustration.
Carry yourself in a mature manner (NO HORSEPLAY IN THE DOJO)
Encourage your fellow martial artists, always be willing to go the extra mile.
Help teach others around you as those before you have done for you.

The spirit of mutual respect is vital to the Martial Arts. So important is this idea that the first technique taught is the bow. The bow is the physical expression of the most important principles of Martial Arts. These principles are:

That we trust one another.
That we value one another.
That we have good will for one another.

When students are spoken to by an instructor, a verbal response is required at all time. Proper answers should always include Sir or Sensei (Yes Sir, Yes Sensei, No Sensei, etc)



Show courtesy, respect and honesty towards others.
Develop confidence through knowledge, honesty and strength.
Never use violence for personal gain.
Seek perfection of character.
Be committed to hard training and consistent attendance


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