Full Circle Martial Arts Academy
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Class rules and regulations are established to guide students toward achievement of our common goal: “Training Mind, Body and Spirit”

  • Students who enter or exit class will acknowledge with a bow (to masters, seniors, and fellow students). Remove hats, shoes, jewelry.
  • Students late for class will ask the instructor for permission to attend class.
  • During the class there will be no profanity at any time. No laughter, talking, horseplay or other exhibition of disrespect while the instructors are teaching
  • Students should show respect at all times, to higher belts. All instructors under Master Pierce are to be shown the same respect as Master Pierce.
  • Students should conduct themselves in a courteous and dignified manner at all times.
  • No food or drink (other than water) is permitted in the dojo without express permission from an FCMAA staff member.
  • No cell phones or video games are to be used in the dojo. If a cell call is necessary, the entrance Foyer can be used with the dojo door shut.


  • Have your child at all classes
  • Have your child participate in as many demonstrations and tournaments as possible
  • Help your child practice at home
  • Be a supportive parent for the FCMAA Instructors
  • Be a positive role model
  • Be there when your child is successful or when struggling for success
  • Cheer for all students
  • Look for opportunities to work with your child on the skills of Martial Arts
  • Don’t interrupt class
  • Please talk quietly when class is in session
  • Please do not instruct your child while class is in session
  • Do not walk on to floor while class is in session
  • Please do not call your child off the floor while class is in session
  • Keep cell phones turned to vibrate and all calls should be taken in the dojo entrance/foyer

When students are spoken to by an instructor, a verbal response is required at all time. Proper answers should always include Sir or Sensei (Yes Sir, Yes Sensei, No Sensei, etc)


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