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FCMA Instructors
Founding FCMA Karate Instructors (left to right) - Ellie Horton, Dan Hunt, Tom Pierce, Todd Harrold and Kim Harrold

The Staff at FCMA is made up of a team of talented instructors with a variety of experience, training and unique skill sets that provide our students with the most balanced and complete approach possible for their martial arts learning experience.

With over 95 years of combined experience, the team works together like a well oiled machine to address each student as an individual, finding the specific tools required to reach each student to help them best fulfill their own personal potential.


At FCMA we look at all the members of our dojo as part of our martial arts “family” and treat all students with honor and respect, as we require them to do so of their fellow classmates and instructors.

At the end of the day we realize that without our students, our dojo is just a building and we will always strive to put our students first in every decision we make.

Our Head Instructor— Master Tom Pierce

FCMA Head Instructor, Master Tom PierceBeginning his martial arts career in 1981, Master Tom Pierce began training under Rick Lippincott in the style of TAI Kung Fu, a soft-style system with roots in Wing Chun, Kenpo and various other styles.

After becoming an instructor and partner in a TAI Kung Fu school on the East side of Newark, OH, Master Pierce spent several years perfecting his art and ultimately moved on to begin training in hard style Seiei Kan Karate at Annarino’s Martial Arts, where he obtained Master Rank (5th Degree Black Belt).

With over 30 years of experience, several championships and winning several gold medals overseas as a member of AKJU Team America, Master Pierce developed the style of Marudo Karate, which is what is the primary system taught at FCMA.

Marudo is the culmination of Master Pierce’s three decades of both soft and hard style martial arts, drawing from the best of both those worlds to come “Full Circle” into a new system that fully expresses the core of his martial arts experience and skills. As head instructor at Full Circle, Master Pierce currently holds the rank of 7th degree Black Belt (Rokudan) in the style of Marudo.

Junior Black Belts at FCMA

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