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"This is my time... I need this!"

"A Female Perspective"

"Brother and Sister"

"Building Respect and Discipline"

"Back on track"
"After being out of formal in-class Karate training for many years I decided to refocus my traning and joined Full Circle Martial Arts Academy. The staff is extremely skilled at helping students at any level/ability. Their instruction is top notich and in only a few classes they helped me to correct several years of bad habits that were formed in years of self practice. In addition to great instruction the Dojo is clean, spacious and well organized. In addition to the great Staff the students exhibit a great deal of character and willingness to welcome new students.

Anyone with a desire to practice martial arts should highly consider this school... especially if you are live or work near this school."

Phillip Jones.


"Self confidence from a Master and Sensei to my child"
"My son Tyler Hackler just turned 4 in March and he has been going to the Lil Dragons for 7 months. In the beginning Tyler was very shy and would hardly participate in the class. Sensei Kim took him under her wing and was very understanding with him. One day Master Pierce came into the class, he said all he needs is a little self confidence. He took him aside and started working with him.

With Sensei Kim's patience in the class and Master Pierce working with him, Tyler has been more confident and has come out of his shell, and has grown tremendously in martial arts. He made a statement saying "I want to be like Master Pierce some day." Tyler now looks forward to coming to his classes. We will continue to encourage Tyler to work hard in his classes. Coming to Full Circle was a very good decision for Tyler and our family and I would highly recommend this Dojo for any child wanting to get into Martial arts.

The family wants to thank Master Pierce, Sensei kim and everyone else that has helped him!"

Shelly Hackler.


"Amazing patience"
"Sooo Impressed with Master Tom Pierce and Sensei Kim! What a wonderful pair---can't say enough positive compliments on how they can instruct a 5 yr old to learn this art!! Their patience is like nothing I've ever seen!

I think I am as mesmerized as my child...u 2 are amazing!! This has been a true joy to watch, a child learning and enjoying--looking forward to many more years ahead! Many thanks to you two!!"

Katherine O.




"A great place to learn, grow and feel welcome"
Our son has been with Sensei Kim for a year and a half now. We started with her at his daycare facility and all the way to the new Dojo. She and Master Pierce have made us feel like we are family and truly care about our child. Our son has a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and she has worked with him diligently keeping with the same activities as our Physical Therapist. He is becoming less shy around other kids and more confident in the things he does he does.

If you are looking for a place to start your child in Karate I highly recommend "Full Circle Martial Arts" you will NOT be disappointed.

Jennifer Washington


"Patience and encouragement"
Our family has known the staff at Full Circle Martial Arts Academy for over 5 years now and they have helped our son, Tyler, become the black belt that he is today. Tyler hated to spar with the other kids in his class when he was younger, and would become upset and "sick" everytime he had to spar. Through patience and encouragement, Sensei Kim and Master Pierce have taught him techniques to use and overcome his fear.

There is no doubt that these instructors not only care about these kids as students but care about them like their own children. Not only do they want them to succeed as martial artists but succeed in all aspects of their lives as well. We are very proud to say our son is a part of the FCMAA family.

Burt Cornwell

"I would highly recommend this dojo"

Four years ago my daughter was 4 years old and I started to look around for a dojo for her to take karate. Having done martial arts as a teenager I was aware of the benefits of doing it. Over the last four years of doing karate my daughter has transitioned into being more assertive, more confident,and more respectful. She has grown into such an amazing child and is now a purple belt at Full Circle.

I also have my son in the little dragons since the age of 3 years old. and he too is starting to develop some of the same qualities. Inspired by my children, I decided I too would start the hard road of getting back in shape and working on myself. Therefore, I enrolled in the adult class and now have a blue belt myself.

The team of staff at Full Circle are more than instructors... They have become friends, and family over the years. I have never had a place more willing to look out for my children, keep them safe and teach them how to protect themselves. Although, they demand respect and will push you to be the best you can be, they will also be there to cheer you along the way, support you, and will be the soft place for you to fall. I would highly recommend this dojo. Don't be afraid to try and accomplish goals you have in life no matter how little or old you are... Its never to late!

Dawn McLean

"A lot of talent, experience and just really great people"
Our grandson Jarah has been in Karate for almost three years. He has been getting private lessons from Master Pierce the entire time. He truly has helped Jarah to be more confident in all the things he does. When Jarah started karate it was “I hope he can do this”. After watching him with Master Pierce I knew he could do it. It took Grandpa a little longer, but now he tells me I was right. That feels good.

Jarah got his brown belt last week and we are SO proud of him. He could not have done it without the help and many hours Master Pierce put into him. I am so grateful for the help of Sensei Todd, Sensei Ellie, Sensei Kim, Sensei Tyler and Master Hunt. They will always stop and help when they see a student doing something wrong or just needing help with a move. I want to say how Philip is always helping the kids too... we are like one big family.

Full Circle is the best Dojo around in my opinion. It has a lot of talent, experience and just really great people. I recommend it highly!

Mary Nelson

"Part of a family... Helping me reach my goals"
Well where do I begin? I am truly blessed to have the honor to be around my Senseis that make me feel like I'm apart of a family. I can never repay them for all the time that they have invested in me on helping me reach my goals.

Even when I'm frustrated with my short comings they never give up on me and that means the world to me. I can never repay them back for everything they have done for me... I am forever grateful.

Phil Williams

"Instructors actually care for you..."

I have known these instructors for 8 years now and would recommend them for anybody who wants to better themselves, get in physical shape or need help with therapy. They are very knowledgeable about what they do. I also recommend them for your children... they are very dedicated to help each child that comes into Full Circle Martial Arts Academy. They truly want what is best for each child and they are dedicated to teaching them how to not only defend themselves, but also in building confidence in themselves, and respect for others.

Each instructor has their own personalities and experience. Master Pierce, the head instructor, has many years of experience and has dedicated countless hours to help children better themselves and teaches them how to defend themselves. He is very knowledgeable in his field and is truly there for the children. He teaches them discipline, respect and confidence. He is very skilled in performing different styles of Katas and knows how to teach them in a way that each child can understand. He is very patient with the children and expects the children to do the best they can at all times. The children really like him and always try to do their best for him.

Master Hunt also is a very dedicated man. He is very hard working and comes in and helps the students diligently. He is also very patient with the students and helps the students who are struggling in the class. He is one to help you with whatever you need and will answer any question you have.

Sensei Kim Harrold is very capable instructor with many years of experience teaching children. She is very good with the students and has helped a lot of the students in the Dojo. She is especially patient & experienced in helping with the students during class who are struggling and need extra help trying to understand. She has helped my children tremendously!

I have had the pleasure of watching both Senseis Ellie Horton and Todd Harrold earn their Black Belt. These two may be young adults but they are already very good at what they do. They are both very knowledgeable and experienceed with what they are teaching. When you watch them, it is amazing how good they are at their young age. They are very good with the students and can help in any way that help is needed.

ALL the instructors at Full Circle are in my kids own words, "the greatest instructor that you can ever have in Martial Arts". As per my son Christopher and my daughter Megan, "the instructors actually care for you and want you to succeed".

Marsha Tyhurst

"The bond of student and Sensei..."
Being a Sensei myself I did not want I to be my own son's Sensei, but I wanted him with someone I trusted... Master Tom Pierce. He was the only person I would trust with Todd. When Todd started on his journey in the arts, he was an insecure child, so as I got to know Master Pierce not only on a professonal level but as one of my best friends. I knew I had found the person I could trust with one of my most precious gifts... my son.

Their journey started seven years ago when Todd was 11 years old. Todd not only attended classes twice a week but took a private hourly lessons with Master Pierce every week. Master Pierce has worked wonders with Todd who is now referred to as "Sensei Todd". It was not an easy road, it was a long and hard one that neither one gave up on. My deal with Master Pierce was "he is yours, you call the shots when he walks into the dojo, when it comes to belts and every aspect of his martials arts career... and quitting is not an option".

Master Pierce had the right balance of firmness and caring, such that Todd Both respects and listens to Master Pierce. Todd's accomplishments in martial arts have been a source of pride and self-esteem for him. It was an awesome day that these two came together as student and Sensei, this union has grown to more than words can ever say... it has become a friendship with a bond that will never be broken.

Sensei Kim Harrold



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