Full Circle Martial Arts Academy
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Other helpful tips when starting in an FCMA class:

Classes include:

  • Stretching and breathing exercises
  • Stance Practice
  • Punching/striking skills
  • Kicking skills
  • Blocking skills
  • Sparring
  • Kata and weapons practice

More tips:

  • Water: Students who need water during class breaks may bring water bottles - this is strongly encouraged for proper hydration.
  • Kiai (Shout of Spirit) during class show spirit, confidence and build GREAT ENERGY.
  • Sparring/Fighting. Beginner students are encouraged NOT to make any contact with punches and kicks during sparring. Control and ability to a pull punches evolve with practice and advancement. Please remember this is a contact sport, there is always a chance injury, therefore we strictly enforce protective gear, to be worn at all times.
  • While progressing to a higher belt level, each student should not only practice previously
    taught forms and self-defense applications. You are responsible for retaining all that you have learned.
  • Notebook. Students are encouraged to keep a notebook in which they record what they have learned. This will preserve information and aid memory.
  • Demonstrations and tournaments. Students are encouraged to participate in demonstrations and tournaments whenever possible. Participation aids in development of self-confidence and perfection of techniques. Information about demonstrations and tournaments are announced in class.
  • If parking lot is full, you can park in the Centratech lot next door.


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